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I’m always on the lookout for great music! So if there's a new song you think should be in one of my upcoming monthly playlists, please submit it using the form below.

I review every submission I receive. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I can’t provide feedback to everyone.

If I do decide to include a song you submit, it will be tweeted out after the playlist is released. So if you want to be given credit in that tweet, or you're the song's artist, please make sure to include your Twitter handle!

Note: You can only access the song submission form if you've signed up for a free or paid Mixcast Membership plan. If you haven't yet, you can create an account by clicking the Sign Up button on the top right of this page.

Trackcast Monthly

Released the last day of every month. Showcases the best new Indie releases I came across that month.

Songs submitted need to be either from the current calendar month or an upcoming release.

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Mixcast Monthly

Released on the 14th of every month. Click any month below to see our previous playlists in that genre.

Songs submitted need to have been released within the last 12 months or an upcoming release.

Genre schedule
January /  Ambient
February /  Romance
March /  Trip-Hop
April /  Wildcard (Varies every year)
May /  Indie Rock
June /  Hip-Hop
July /  Summertime
August /  Workout
September /  Mellow
October /  Folk
November /  Songstress
December /  Chill

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