Mixcast 11.1 – Spinning Yarns

The Mixcast Monthly Playlist has been updated with my picks for best new Mellow Genre songs from the past 12 months.

The playlist includes new songs from: Cold War Kids, Derby, The Decemberists, Trophy Wife, Jonquil & more!

If you aren't following the playlist yet, you can find it here on Apple Music or Spotify.

1   Our Hearts Are Wrong  /  Jessica Lea Mayfield
2   If Ever There’s a Reason  /  Derby
3   January Hymn  /  The Decemberists
4   Black Diamond Day  /  Alexa Wilding
5   The Last Unicorn  /  Passenger
6   City of Refuge  /  Abigail Washburn
7   Fall At Your Feet  /  Boy & Bear
8   So It Goes  /  Meredith Adelaide and Josh Schroeder
9   Let’s Fall Asleep Together  /  Teen Daze
10   Microlite (Acoustic)  /  Trophy Wife
11   More & More & More  /  Mountain & The Trees
12   It Never Rains  /  Jonquil
13   Mexican Mavis  /  Boy & Bear
14   The Load  /  Drake White
15   In the End  /  Pete Lawrie
16   Finally Begin  /  Cold War Kids
17   Come Home  /  Chappo
18   Rolling in the Deep  /  Adele
19   Foxglove  /  Murder By Death
20   The Next Bar  /  Hey Hey My My
21   She Loves You  /  The Gaslight Anthem
22   L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N    /  Noah and the Whale
23   Swim Until You Can’t See Land  /  Frightened Rabbit

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