Trackcast 21.10 - October 2021

The Trackcast Monthly Playlist has been updated with my picks for the best new Indie Rock releases from October.

Includes new music from: Felix Jaehn, Mills, Cannons, Sam Feldt, The Knocks & more!

If you aren't following the playlist yet, you can find it here on Apple Music or Spotify.

1   Paint  /  Jones Meadow
2   Really Wanna Dance With You  /  New Rules
3   Somebody You Like  /  Felix Jaehn
4   Call On Me /  Sam Feldt
5   River  /  The Knocks
6   Ruthless  /  Cannons
7   I Don't Know You Anymore  /  Eric Nam
8   Love Back  /  Why Don't We
9   Looks Like Me  /  Dean Lewis
10   Try  /  FRENSHIP
11   All Mine  /  ayokay
12   Sad Song  /  GRACEY
13   Track Shoes  /  Rence
14   Five N' Dime  /  Mills
15   Hopeless Romantic  /  Sam Fischer
16   god of the sunsets  /  SEB
17   Lonely  /  Local Nomad
18   Pretty Ghost  /  Ryan Pulford
19   FOREVER  /  Flight Facilities
20   FEEL MYSELF  /  Victor Internet
21   Brighter Days  /  Blessing Offor
22   Nothing Feels Better  /  Pink Sweat$
23   Fresh Water  /  Felly
24   Daydreamer  /  The Dunwells
25   South Dakota  /  JORDY
26   Love  /  FACESOUL

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