Mixcast 18.8 – My Way

The Mixcast Monthly Playlist has been updated with my picks for best new Summertime Genre songs from the past 12 months.

The playlist includes new songs from: Lotus, Empire of the Sun, Avec, Broods, Local Natives & more!

If you aren't following the playlist yet, you can find it here on Apple Music or Spotify.

1   Dark Days (Sofi Tukker Remix)  /  Local Natives
2   On Our Way Home  /  Empire of the Sun
3   Soul Searching  /  Josh Tobias
4   Wild Heart  /  Hounded
5   Save My Love  /  Möwe
6   Hearlines (MOUNT Remix)  /  Broods
7   White Light Fadeaway (Roisto Remix)  /  Lotus
8   Just A Feeling (Love Thy Brother Remix)  /  Phantoms
9   Chameleon  /  XY&O
10   Seduction Magnet  /  Nicolas Haelg
11   Coming Up  /  SG Lewis
12   Floating Away  /  Teison
13   Waiting  /  Bjonr
14   Waiting For (Alex Schulz Remix)  /  AVEC
15   Not Given Up  /  Mona Vale
16   Escape  /  Holmsey
17   Dreamstate (Tep No Remix)  /  Stonefox
18   Moonlight  /  Majestique
19   Away  /  Chez Moon

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