Mixcast 16.4 – Let Go

The Mixcast Monthly Playlist has been updated with my picks for best new Songstress Genre songs from the past 12 months.

The playlist includes new songs from: Alessia Cara, Misterwives, LÉON, Birdy, Odessa & more!

If you aren't following the playlist yet, you can find it here on Apple Music or Spotify.

1   Keeping Your Head Up  /  Birdy
2   Moth to the Flame  /  Chairlift
3   Wild Things  /  Alessia Cara
4   Seventeen  /  Sjowgren
5   Our Own House  /  MisterWives
6   In the Fog, in the Flame  /  Bec Sandridge
7   Say No More  /  Fickle Friends
8   Letters To Ghosts  /  Lucie Silvas
9   Tired fof Talking  /  LÉON
10   Monster Lead Me Home  /  Sara Hartman
11   Slow Burn  /  Made in Heights
12   Gold  /  Kiiara
13   Here  /  Alessia Cara
14   So Dope  /  Violet Days
15   Sway  /  Anna of the North
16   Tough Love  /  Jessie Ware
17   Big Boy  /  Charlotte Cardin
18   Everybody's Son  /  CLOVES
19   Delicate Dream  /  Shana Halligan
20   Hummed Low  /  Odessa
21   Missing You  /  Betty Who
22   Something  /  Julien Baker

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