Trackcast 21.7 - July 2021

The Trackcast Monthly Playlist has been updated with my picks for the best new Indie releases from July.

Includes new music from: Icona Pop, Twin Shadow, Conor Maynard, Jordan McGraw, Wrabel & more!

If you aren't following the playlist yet, you can find it here on Apple Music or Spotify.

1   Seventeen Going Under  /  Sam Fender
2   Is There Any Love  /  Twin Shadow
3   til the end of time  /  almost monday
4   Summerland  /  half•alive
5   Goodbye  /  LP
6   Need You There  /  M-22
7   17 anymore  /  marcos g
8   DRIVE AWAY  /  payton
9   Off Of My Mind  /  Icona Pop
10   SHE  /  Jordan McGraw
11   Lease On Life  /  Andy Grammer
12   Headlights  /  Jimi Somewhere
13   BABY  /  Delilah Montagu
14   Better With You  /  ayokay
15   Romeo  /  Jungle
16   California, Pt.  I  /  Godford
17   Daddy's Coming Home  /  BabyJake
18   Brangelina  /  Tep No
19   Ain't Got No Friends  /  Conor Maynard
20   Chronically Beautiful  /  flora cash
21   back to back  /  Wrabel
22   Would You Still Want Me?  /  Mokita
23   Faint  /  Oliver Riot
24   Monsters  /  Quinn Lewis
25   Talk 2 Me  /  Montell Fish

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