Mixcast 21.12 - All Night

The Mixcast Monthly Playlist has been updated with my picks for best new Chillout Genre songs from the past 12 months.

The playlist includes new songs from: Luca, Lakehouse, Satin Jackets, Teemid, Embrz & more!

If you aren't following the playlist yet, you can find it here on Apple Music or Spotify.

1   Airplane Mode  /  GEPPS
2   Wonderwall  /  TEEMID
3   Only You  /  Clem Beatz
4   Indian Summer  /  Lakehouse
5   Twilight  /  Luca
6   Sundown  /  Coconut & Palm Trees
7   Frost  /  Jones Meadow
8   Wasted Heart  /  Nimus
9   Tellin' Me  /  Rainbow.
10   Strivers Row  /  Jones Meadow
11   Oceana  /  Maleav
12   Long Time  /  Y.V.E. 48
13   Never Known  /  MR TOUR LE MONDE
14   Save Me  /  LoKii
15   Higher Than This  /  Tep No
16   Brangeline  /  Tep No
17   Feels Like Paradise  /  Lonely in the Rain
18   On My Mind  /  Siebensachen
19   Where You Are  /  Embrz
20   Levante  /  Satin Jackets
21   Thoughts  /  Jones Meadow
22   Tomtebo  /  West & Zander
23   Yellow Clouds  /  Mative
24   Sunlight  /  Run Rivers

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