Genre Compilations

Mixcast Members with a paid membership have the added perk of being able to access our private genre compilation playlists on either Spotify or Apple Music.

Each compilation includes countless hours of songs I've included in my monthly playlists over the past decade.

A few quick notes:

· Unlike the monthly playlists, where I purposefully hand-curate the track order, the compilations are sorted by release date, with newest songs on top.

· If you click the Genre Titles in each section, it will take you to a genre filtered feed like you see on the homepage.

· In order to keep this page to a reasonable length and load time, I've only embedded the compact Spotify web player. If you prefer Apple Music, there's a link to the mix below each embed.

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Chillout  /  Folk  /  Hip-Hop  /  Jazz  /  Mellow  /  Rock  /  Romance  /  Songstress  /  Summertime  /  Trip-Hop  /  Workout

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2022  /  2021  /  2020

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