The Mixcast Apps

Web App (Beta)

I personally use various tools spread across multiple websites to help me create all these monthly playlists. So as a bit of a tech nerd, I thought it might be nice to combine them all into one web app instead and make it free to everyone.

It's still a work in progress, but hopefully other playlisters will find it useful.

App Features include:
• Enter name of any song you like, and we'll create a new playlist based on that. Think of it as a never ending Discover Weekly playlist generator!

• Use the Mixcast Web app to not only see your most played songs and artists, but also easily add them to your like list. Think of it as having access to your Spotify Unwrapped year round!

• Improve the quality of your Spotify Release Radar & Discover Weekly playlists by adding your most played artists and songs to your like list. Your likes highly influence what the Spotify's algorithms recommend to you each week.

You can try out the free web app by clicking the button below.

App Screenshot

Note 1: You can also create a new playlist based on any song in your own playlists. Simply click the shuffle button on the Action Menu.

Note 2: At this time, the app only works for Mixcast Members who have an active Spotify subscription.

iPhone App

Paid Mixcast Members can now easily access all of our private playlists using our new iPhone app!

Features include:
• Easy playback access to The Mixcast's 200+ hand-curated playlists

• Playlists are sorted into 12 different musical genres

• Easily share songs and playlists you like with only a few clicks

You can download the app via the App Store by clicking the button below.

Note 1: At this time, the app only works for Mixcast Members who have an active Apple Music subscription. We hope to add Spotify compatibility in the near future.

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