What is The Mixcast?

Helping friends find their “Next Favorite Song” Since 2005

The Mixcast was one of the first monthly playlists online. This site has taken different forms over the past 15 years, but throughout that time I’ve shared my digital mixtapes here with friends using links to MP3s, then Podcasts, and now Spotify and Apple Music.

Many other monthly playlist sites have come and gone during that time, but as far as I now, the Mixcast is the longest active one. (If you know of a site that's been around longer, please let me know!)

What's the purpose of the Mixcast?

The Mixcast curates monthly playlists that help you discover eclectic new music across multiple genres.

The Mixcast strives to create eclectic playlists that are unlike anything you’ll hear on the radio or the playlists.

Additionally, while we think that playlists like New Music Friday and Discover weekly are great........

We believe that “Algorithmic Discovery” in both music and app stores is broken. There’s simply too many new songs and apps out there. So instead, we all get recommendations based on mass preferences or paid placement.

TheMixcast.com helps you discover hidden gems via this weekly Newsletter and our subscription-based Spotify App. You can count on us to help you discover “Your Next Favorite.”

Who Curates the Mixcast?

Hello! My name is Pete Christianson and I'm the one responsible for helping you find your next favorite song.

I've been making mixes since that was done on cassette tapes. Here you can see the playlist of one of my first every playlists as well as one of my first annual birthday mix cds that would eventually turn into the monthly mixes that I call Mixcasts today!

How does the Mixcast work?

It's pretty straight forward. Every month I release two new playlists.

The Mixcast Monthly
The playlist that started it all! The Mixcast Monthly is an eclectic playlist that highlights 80 minutes of the best music released within a particular genre within the last two years.

Follow the Mixcast Monthly
Apple Music  /  Spotify

The Trackcast Monthly
The Trackcast Monthly stays true to our roots by highlighting the best new Indie Rock releases from the previous month. Save yourself the time of filtering through Spotify's New Music Friday playlist & follow this playlist instead!

Follow the Trackcast Monthly
Apple Music  /  Spotify

Do I have to pay to listen to the Mixcast?

Nope, our two public playlists are always freely available to listen on either Spotify or Apple Music.

That said, the songs on those two playlists are replaced every month. So if you find a new favorite song or playlist, make sure to save it to your library.

Or even better, sign up for an annual membership and you'll have access to every playlist I've published over the past 17 years.

Why should you become a Mixcast member?

As a subscriber, you’ll also get an email that highlights our 7 favorite new releases of the last week, plus access to our playlist archives.

Your support helps pay for operational costs, time needed to review countless songs every month. Thanks for your consideration!

I'm always on the lookout for undiscovered music to add to an upcoming playlist, so please feel free to share your tips or new releases with me!

As a member incentive, I provide a private song submission form to our both free and paid Mixcast members. After you've created an account, you can access the form by clicking here. I do my best to provide feedback on every song submission I receive, but sometimes life gets to busy, so I appreciate your understanding if I don't reply.

Please note, I will not respond to song submissions sent via any other channel.

Still have questions?

Check out the frequently asked account questions on the Contact Page or send me a note via info@themixcast.com or one of the social channels listed on petechristianson.com.

Thanks for listening!

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